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September 26, 2016  

This week Stephen and Jenna talk about Video Games!

First, they answer a question from the Engaged Family Gaming Facebook Community about Subnautica, a survival game on PC and Xbox One.

Next, they go around the horn and talk about Pokemon Go updates (Buddies!), Scratch (an online service where kids can make their own games!), Earthlock: The Festival of Magic, NHL 17, and NBA 2k17!

Then, they announced the EFG pick of the week: NBA 2K17!

Lastly, they talk about Sports games and how they aren't all made the same (or for the same audiences).

Thanks for listening! Have a great week!

September 19, 2016  

This week Stephen's brother Mike joins the party to help talk about the new expansion set for Magic: the Gathering: Kaladesh!

September 6, 2016  

This week Stephen is joined by the two guys behind Flavor Faction Studios. Evan Hunt and Alex Kampman are on board the EFG rocket ship to talk about the Kickstarter campaign for their super hero themed card battle game Originz.

Give it a listen! And if you like it? Head over to Kickstarter and back them!