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This Week Stephen and the Wizard of Pods return to Nerd out about Star Wars for a minute and give us the run down on the winners of the game awards as well as PSX announcements and a whole lotta Street fighter news that developed even further as the show was recorded! Trailers and amazon links below

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Monster Hunter World

Destiny 2 expansion pass

Zelda Breath of the wild

Lost Sphere

Stardew Valley

Street fighter collection

Spiderman PS4

Donut County trailer


Concrete Genie by PixelOpus






Today Stephen is joined by Jenn Bartlett the Board Game Librarian to talk about her experience at pax unplugged and how her and her team created a borrow a board game program at her library in Machester Connecticut with over 130 games!!!

Games we talked about this episode

The Scarlet Pimpernail




Dead Man's Doubloons

Bubblee Pop

Stuffed Fables

Pie town

Champions of Midgard

Murder in hong kong

A study of emerald

Days of wonder


Booze Books and Boards is Jenn Bartletts Podcast

This is the Courant article we mention

Our Giveaway



Today Stephen and Jenna talk about the end of the year releases, a new giveaway,and the game awards!!!

Here is the link to the giveaway!!! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN!!!

The site we use for upcoming games


The stuff we talk about
3ds SNES edition

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete

Okami HD

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Switch


The Game Awards



In this Ride along Episode Linda joins Stephen once again for her first real Convention,THE PAX UNPLUGGED Board game convention! There is a brief summary of all the games we played in this episode along with Linda's experience.

And as aways a complete list of games we talk about below with Amazon links!

Game Salute - Gimme Gimme Guinea Pigs

Castles of Caladale


Bubblee Pop

Stuffed Fables



Shiba Inu House

Doggy Go!

Downforce SW

Stop Thief!




In this Episode Michael Returns with Stephen for a fireside and beachside chat to tell us all about Paris Games week,Blizcon,and the New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that comes out next month!

Games we covered


Spiderman PS4

Ni no Kuni 2

For Starcraft,World of Warcraft,Hearthstone,and Overwatch sign up for your free account

Or go Here

Xenoblade Chronicles 2



We have a very special Guest With Infinite Mom Nancy Duetzmann!!! Stephen and Nancy talk about her relationship with gaming and raising kids to game and play co-op and the benifits that shape kids.


Dungeons and Dragons Boxed Adventure


This week The Editor and The Man behind the curtian talk about Super Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and playing some 4 player Switch games (spoilers....its Chaos)!!!!

Super Mario Odyssey

Switch+Super Mario Odyssey

Shovel Knight Amiibo

Snipper Clips



This week Stephen talks with Lance Myxter know as the UndeadViking on youtube and twitter and official Viking Pillager of TMG



Eminent Domain Escalation Card Game

Lance Myxter


Today we have Anthony John Agnello formally of gamesrader and current Head of Social Media at
telling Stephen why he hates Zelda Breath of the wild and their suggestions for the N64 and Wii classic!

Susans website mentioned

Podcasts for John


This week Stephen is joined by super fan turned regular contributor Linda Wrobel. They went to the Boston Festival of Independent Games and played some great board games.


Many of the games they talk about aren’t available for sale now, but all of them are super cool.


Rainbow Octopus




Cake Duel


On Their Merry Way


Visitor in Blackwood Grove


Battlecats: The Compound Deck-Building Game




Empyrean: Battles of Ra’fien


Status Report


Go!GO! Gattai!


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