This week The Editor and The Man behind the curtian talk about Super Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and playing some 4 player Switch games (spoilers....its Chaos)!!!!

Super Mario Odyssey

Switch+Super Mario Odyssey

Shovel Knight Amiibo

Snipper Clips



This week Stephen talks with Lance Myxter know as the UndeadViking on youtube and twitter and official Viking Pillager of TMG



Eminent Domain Escalation Card Game

Lance Myxter


Today we have Anthony John Agnello formally of gamesrader and current Head of Social Media at
telling Stephen why he hates Zelda Breath of the wild and their suggestions for the N64 and Wii classic!

Susans website mentioned

Podcasts for John


This week Stephen is joined by super fan turned regular contributor Linda Wrobel. They went to the Boston Festival of Independent Games and played some great board games.


Many of the games they talk about aren’t available for sale now, but all of them are super cool.


Rainbow Octopus




Cake Duel


On Their Merry Way


Visitor in Blackwood Grove


Battlecats: The Compound Deck-Building Game




Empyrean: Battles of Ra’fien


Status Report


Go!GO! Gattai!


This week Jenna and Steve talk about Scream or die and the all new SNES mini and a New Switch game coming this friday and our guest the creator of Cheese Quest Phil Schadt

Jenna's pick Scream or Die
Jenna's Article:

Our Guest
Phil Schadt


This week Stephen and Jenna talk, Boston Festival of Independent Games and learning sportsmanship through board games. and Stephen interviews Jerry Hawthorne, the creator of Stuffed Fables.

After that, Stephen interviews Jerry Hawthorne, the creator of Stuffed Fables.

Spot it Finding Dory edition

Biome Builder

Spy Club

Cheese Quest

The Legend of Korra:Pro-Bending Arena

Mice and mystics

Tail Feathers

Our Guest Twitter
Jerry Hawthorne


Today Stephen and Jonathan discuss Nintendo's Direct and all the new Switch and 3DS (WHAT????) games coming to the systems by next spring that were announced recently as well as their journeys in Destiny 2


Featured Products


Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch

Destiny 2



This week Stephen is joined by Regina McMenomy, Ph.D of and the book Mothering: The Game

We cover
In around the horn

Mouse Trap


If you have issues with mental health goto for help...

And after the break

Plaidhat games
Mice and mystics

Bob Ross the art of chill


This week we're celebrating our 100th episode! We definitely around playing around either. We brought back one of the original co-hosts: Kelly Allard to talk about Adventurebook games from Plaid Hat Games, and revisit some of our original topics.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion

Stuffed Fables

Hero Kids



This weeks Stephen is joined by Jason Miceli of Geek Fever Games to talk about his new game and all the beatiful games they have shown us in the past and Stephen clues us into a surpise brick and morter store to get decent deals on games in a bind.

Geek Fever Games homepage

CT Festival of games

Pax Unplugged

King Domino



Retroworld Expo



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