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June 27, 2016  

This week Stephen and Jenna get together to discuss dexterity games that you can play with your family!

June 20, 2016  

This week Stephen and Jenna recap the family video game news from E3 2016. They also go over the results of their predictions (which Stephen kicked some serious butt at)!!

June 13, 2016  

This week Stephen and Jenna have a very quick fireside chat where they talk about Ninja Dice, "My First" board games, and the Origins Gams Fair.

June 6, 2016  

This week Stephen, Jenna, and Dan discuss their enthusiasm for Skylanders Imaginators, hear a lecture on the exciting new Pokemon legendaries, and talk about Minecraft's recent milestone.

They also make several BOLD predictions about E3!

June 2, 2016  

This week Stephen is joined by 2/3 of the team over at Geek Fever Games. We talk about the Spiel Des Jahres nominees for 2016 (albeit briefly) and then talk about the projects that Geek Fever Games is up to!